Xbox Series X would integrate a mysterious interface to increase storage

We believed it was a “back door”… It would actually be an external interface to connect external hard drives or SSD. A less restrictive solution to increase the storage space of Microsoft’s Xbox Series X without compromising the speed or responsiveness of the console.
It is a rectangular gate of a few centimeters long and barely 1 cm wide and visible on photos’s of a posted prototype a few weeks ago that would be the extension interface. The information is provided by the site that specializes in Microsoft news, Thurrott, who initially supported the position of the update section that returns to its words today.

Our American colleague Brad Sams acknowledges that he has been misled and let us know that he has questioned various sources and that they have confirmed that this funny opening has hidden an expansion port. An unknown factor remains: the compatible storage format.

The size of the slot suggests that it would be a kind of large memory card, a bit like the Compact Flash that we put into our digital cameras. Moreover, it is the statement that is currently being saved the most and according to one of the Thurrott forum users, agrees with many external elements collected on the internet. The controller responsible for storage in the next Xbox would be adaptable and fast enough to use a different storage format than the current PCIe NVMe expects for the SSD of the console.

This opening would be entirely suitable for a Compact Flash Express card (CFExpress), a fast and very expensive memory card format (currently almost 1 euro / GB). The dimensions correspond. This card could complement the acclaimed storage if very fast and can serve as a temporary system memory From series X.
These are just rumors and assumptions to be taken with tweezers, but it must be acknowledged that “the lines” outlined here represent a very interesting perspective.

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