Viaduct: The game with errors on the right track

Is a new field of research necessarily filled with obstacles to mechanical sports games? For once the Swedes of Zordix Racing react in the affirmative, because the whole principle of viaduct is based on this concept! The buggy game that was available at the end of February was again opened for an hour for our mimes, enough to create a new overview of a title that promises to be atypical, on consoles and PC.

Example conditions

We were able to try Overpass during a presentation of the game (PS4 preview version) in our buildings by BigBen. In addition to showing the outline of the content, the editor has let us try the tutorial of the title and some races, which are described below.

It had not completely happened to us when we first approached it in May, but we were certainly not bored. Viaduct took the time to tune, even if the release was delayed by 5 months. A long time to revise the technique and its content according to a simple principle: at the end of more uneven slopes than the others.

Content in question

Viaduct: the buggy game on the right track

Two types of races to achieve this goal, the classic obstacle course, where you complete different laps and quickly avoid the dangers that slow down progression, and hillclimb events dedicated to steep tracks where you have to climb a point A at a point B. A simple idea, two possibilities that made us skeptical about the life of the title. The content presented reassured us a bit, because the classic fast races face a career mode and a multiplayer mode.

The last two were not played during the presentation, but in detail. So know that in addition to online, the multi has a split screen and hot seat (real-time races with other players). In his career, the player starts as a rookie with a base vehicle, to get through the races, buy new cars and repair the damage suffered with the money collected. For the rest Viaduct benefits of 24 vehicles, including 23 under official licenses (9 quads / ATV and 15 buggy’s / UTV), with the newest buggy without a license being a slightly more handmade buggy. The classic races will finally be stimulated by a more than fair number of tracks, namely 40 tracks in 6 environments.

Practical conditions

After completing the tutorial to take control of the concept (including a short part in ATV / quad), we were able to obstacle course in a dry environment (Polaris RZR XP 1000 buggy) and two hill climbing in a quarry (Polaris RZR XP Turbo S and Polaris Ace 900 XC buggy).

The art of placing your wheels

Viaduct: the buggy game on the right track

Varied decors that will be important because the type of soil changes in every environment and makes some buggies more effective than others. An observation made during our game sessions, it is difficult to rate and anticipate a dirt road like a muddy terrain on an obstacle course in the same way. However, the weather has no influence on driving, rain is not available for this first iteration. In short, if nothing has really changed when checking the position of the tires to cross the obstacles, weight management and physics have undergone some minor adjustments. The vehicles seemed lighter than when we first approached the title and the mass transfers were more convincing. On the other hand, certain shocks with some obstacles are still too tolerant and too often corrected. Anyway, our small session in the desert showed us that the interest in obstacle courses is based on optimization. After the laps, after we have passed the various pitfalls for the first time, we want to manage our accelerator and technology as well as possible to challenge the time.

Viaduct: the buggy game on the right trackViaduct: the buggy game on the right track

And use them well

For hillclimb it’s all about patience to find the right path, dose acceleration and good differential management. Overpass indeed gives the choice with the buggy’s from switch from two-wheel to four-wheel drive, but also lock the differential. Data that is of great importance in hillclimb, because even if differential limits limit the fact of wanting to turn, you can more easily overcome certain obstacles in a straight line. This differential management is more than pleasant and adds extra depth to the gameplay of Overpass. To end up on the hill climb, finding the right path is really fun, just enough punishing, and the victories once arrived at the top of the dangerous hills, more than exciting.

Our impressions

He intrigued us, we had reservations, but we are now in a hurry to cross or climb all Viaduct circuits. The reassuring sensations in hillclimb or obstacle course come to an end for a demanding game with buggies in a wonderful variety of extreme settings. The result of the races, the title of the Swedes of Zordix promises a good dose of fun, even if we have only explored the quad tests for a very short time and have not yet touched on career and multiplayer. Modes available when the game is released on February 27.

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